Welcome to the Loyola Guild's Marauders Cove at Jesuit High School


Marauders Cove is the official logo wear store of Jesuit High School and is operated 100% by volunteers of the Loyola Guild. Proceeds from the store directly benefit Tuition Assistance for current JHS students. During the school year, the store is open Thursdays 11-3:30. For questions regarding Marauders Cove Online or questions about any of our products, please email shopping@jesuithighschool.org.

Orders received by 8 pm Wednesday night are filled by volunteers on Thursday morning and will be available for pickup in the store on Thursdays between 11:15 am and 3:15 pm, when students are on campus during the school year. Shipping is also available for a flat shipping cost of $15.00 per order. Check jesuithighschool.org for updated information.

SHOP ONLINE NOW OR IN STORE ON THURSDAYS (ONLY when campus is open and students are on campus.)